Vetcare Kenya

Sow & Breeder Premix


This is a specially-formulated premix containing all the vitamins, trace elements and the essential amino acids that are required for the health of young pigs and sows. The sources of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids used to formulate this premix are carefully selected to provide the maximum bio-availability of the respective nutrients.


Designed for addition to the feeds of piglets, growing pigs, sows and breeder pigs. To be used in the manufacture of sow and weaner meal.


   •  The modern manufacturing methods used to make this premix to ensure optimum

       levels of vitamins and trace elements.

   •  High growth rate.

   •  Optimum feed conversion.

   •  The inclusion of an antioxidant ensures a long shelf-life and good stability of premix

       even in hot and humid conditions.


2.5kg of premix per tonne of feed. Ensure good dispersion/mixing throughout the feed.


•  20kg bag


  Vitamin A 12,500,000 I.U.   Folic Acid 1,700 mg
  Vitamin B1 1,650 mg   Choline Chloride 400,000 mg
  Vitamin B2 3,000 mg   Iodine (I) 900 mg
  Vitamin B6 3,500 mg   Iron (Fe) 90,000 mg
  Vitamin B12 10,000 mcg   Selenium (Se) 80 mg
  Vitamin D3 1,600,000 I.U.   Manganese (Mn) 25,000 mg
  Vitamin E 26,000 I.U.   Copper (Cu) 20,000 mg
  Vitamin K 3,500 mg   Zinc (Zn) 85,00 mg
  Methionine 100,000 mg   Cobalt (Co) 200 mg
  Niacin 30,000 mg   Lysine 100,000 mg
  Pantothenic Acid 12,500 mg   Anti-oxidant 6,000 mg