Vetcare Kenya

Layer & Grower Premix


Layer & Grower Premix has been specially formulated for use in climatic areas of high temperature and humidity, where feed consumption can be affected by these conditions.


Layer & Grower Premix is designed for addition to the feeds of replacement and commercial layers from 6 weeks of age to the end of lay.

Layer & Grower Premix should be used at the rate of 2.5kg of premix per tonne of feed. Care should be taken to ensure good dispersion throughout the mix. The carefully selected vitamin and trace element sources give maximum bioavailability. Modern manufacturing methods and the inclusion of an antioxidant ensures maximum stability.


•  20kg bag

•  2.5kg sachet


•  Optimum levels of vitamins and trace elements.

•  Optimum shelf-life (stability).

•  No need of stock separate premixes for growing and laying birds.

•  Optimum egg production.

•  Optimum feed conversion.


  Vitamin A 11,000,000 I.U.   Choline Chloride 150,000 mg
  Vitamin D3 3,000,000 I.U.   Iron (Fe) 20,000 mg
  Vitamin E 8,000 I.U.   Manganese (Mn) 80,000 mg
  Vitamin K 2,000 mg   Copper (Cu) 8,000 mg
  Vitamin B1 1,000 mg   Zinc (Zn) 50,000 mg
  Vitamin B2 2,500 mg   Cobalt (Co) 225 mg
  Vitamin B12 5 mg   Iodine (I) 2,000 mg
  Niacin 10,000 mg   Selenium (Se) 100 mg
  Pantothenic Acid 5,000 mg   Anti-oxidant 6,000 mg
  Folic Acid 500 mg