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Superminovit WSP


Superminovit is a balanced water-soluble combination of vitamins, minerals & amino acids, used for the improvement of growth, performance & production of poultry, cattle, pigs, horses, sheep, goats and other animals.

COMPOSITION (per 1000g)

  Vitamins     Minerals  
  Vitamin A 15,250,000 I.U.   Copper Sulphate 12,250 mg
  Vitamin D3 4,500,000 I.U.   Manganese Sulphate 12,250 mg
  Vitamin E 1,350 I.U.   Zinc Sulphate 12,250 mg
  Vitamin K 4,500 mg   Magnesium Sulphate 12,250 mg
  Vitamin B2 4,500 mg   Sodium Chloride 50,000 mg
  Vitamin B6 2,350 mg   Sodium Sulphate 210,000 mg
  Vitamin B12 11,500 mcg   Potassium Chloride 88,000 mg
  Vitamin C 1,000mg   Amino Acids  
  Niacin 16,750 mg   Methionine 10,200 mg
        Lysine 15,250 mg


   •  Provision of essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals & amino acids) in animals.

   •  Treatment and prevention of vitamin deficiencies and/or nutritional diseases in livestock especially young and debilitated animals.

   •  Improvement of egg production, weight gain, growth, production performance & reproduction in livestock.

   •  Management of stress resulting from various causes e.g. handling, transport, temperature fluctuation, vaccination etc.

   •  As an aid to recovery after treatment of coccidiosis, worm, bacterial or viral infections.



By oral route after dissolving in drinking water or mixing with mash feeds administered over 6 days of continuous treatment.



Animal Species
Poultry * 15 gm per 20 Litres of water
10 gm per 10 kg of feed
Sheep, Goats 5 -10gm per animal
Calves, Pigs 5 -10gm per animal
Lambs, Goat Kids 5gm per animal
Cattle, Horses 10 -20gm per animal
* 15gm per 100 layers or breeders or 2-5gm per 100 chicks




Carton Packs:

•  24 x 100g

•  24 x 150g

•  10 x 1kg

Loose Packs:

•  100g sachet

•  150g plastic jar

•  1kg plastic tin