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Chick Start


An anti-stress formulation to help combat dehydration and provide energy & nutrients for day-old chicks.


  Vitamin A 1,525,000 I.U.   Minerals  
  Vitamin D3 450,000 I.U.   Copper Sulphate 1,225mg
  Vitamin E 136 I.U.   Manganese Sulphate 1,225mg
  Vitamin K 450mg   Zinc Sulphate 1,225mg
  Vitamin B2 450mg   Magnesium Sulphate 1,225mg
  Vitamin B6 235mg   Sodium Chloride 5,000mg
  Vitamin B12 1,150mcg   Sodium Sulphate 21,000mg
  Vitamin C 100mg   Potassium Chloride 8,800mg
  Niacin 1,675mg   Ammino Acids  
        Methionine 1,020mg
        Lysine 1,525mg
Glucose (Dextrose Monohydrate) ............................................ q.s.


   •  Prevention of stress in day-old chicks

   •  Management of dehydration in young chicks

   •  Provision of essential nutrients in day-old chicks 


   •  Provides energy and nutrients, hence gives the chicks a strong headstart for their growth.

   •  Helps prevent dehydration; a common cause of early mortality in chicks.

   •  Helps chicks overcome stress caused by temperature fluctuation, transport, handling, vaccination etc.

   •  Improves growth rate and health of the chicks thereby enhancing the eventual productivity of the flock.


By oral route after dissolving in drinking water. Use in drinking water from the first day for 1-2 weeks.

Usage Rates:

Add 1 teaspoonful per 2 litre of drinking water everyday for 1-2 weeks 




Carton Packs:

•  20 x 100gm

•  10 x 1kg

Loose Packs:

•  100gm sachet

•  100gm jar

•  1kg plastic tin

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