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Vetcare Vita-Cal


This is a superior-quality nutritional supplement containing Calcium lactate fortified with 13 Vitamins. It is a very valuable mineral/vitamin formulation for growing puppies, pregnant or lactating bitches and older dogs.



  Vitamin A 2,550,000 I.U.   Vitamin B12 1,250 mcg
  Vitamin D3 900,000 I.U.   Vitamin C 5,750 mg
  Vitamin E 1,750 mg   Nicotonic Acid 7,750 mg
  Vitamin K 1,450 mg   Pantothenic Acid 1,500 mg
  Vitamin B1 250 mg   Folic Acid 50 mg
  Vitamin B2 1,450 mg   Choline 5,950 mg
  Vitamin B6 142.5 mg   Calcium Lactate q.s 1,000 mg


   •  For the prevention and management of calcium-related nutritional and metabolic problems in dogs.

   •  Growing puppies: Bone & teeth development, improvement of growth rate, prevention of muscle & joint weakness, management of stress during the

      recovery period after surgery or treatment etc.

   •  Pregnant /lactating bitches and older dogs: Development of strong teeth & bones, prevention of calcium-related deficiencies e.g. rubber jaw,

      ecclampsia in bitches etc.


   •  Supplementation and replenishment of mineral reserves of Calcium. This element is very important for the development of teeth & bones, functioning

     of nerves and general health / performance of the muscles.

   •  Prevention of problems in dogs caused by deficiencies of calcium and essential vitamins.

   •  The inclusion of Vitamin D3 aids in the absorption of calcium and helps achieve the higher bio-availability of this very important mineral

   •  Vita-Cal ensures high deposition of calcium in the body, thus the dogs develop stronger and healthier teeth and bones. 


Vita-Cal should be mixed with milk or the dog’s food and given everyday.

Dossage Rates

2 grams VITA-CAL per 10kg body weight for lactating bitches and growing pups on all meat diets. (1 a level teaspoon for every 10kg bogy weight). 

Maintenance Dose:

1 gram VITA-CAL per 10kg body weight for adult dogs on all meat diets and growing puppies on an otherwise balanced diet. (1/4 teaspoon per 10kg body weight)

It is important that the above dosages are given in a way that it is consumed in total. Uneaten food or milk would mean that the dosage is lowered. 




Carton Packs:

•  12 x 200gm

•  6 x 1kg

Loose Packs:

•  200gm

•  1kg