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Supervitaphos Ultimax


A superior quality supplement for use in feed concentrates specially formulated to improve palatability and utilization of feed/ forage and also achieve higher milk production, fertility & health of the dairy herd. 



  Calcium 408gm   Zinc* 20,000mg
  Phosphorus 174gm   Iodine 680mg
  Sodium 400gm   Selenium* 30mg
  Chloride 600gm   Vitamin A 1,000,000 I.U
  Potassium 30mg   Vitamin D3 150,000 I.U
  Manganese* 3,500mg   Niacin (Vit B3) 2,000mg
  Magnesium 1,500mg   Vitamin E 500 I.U
  Iron 3,500mg   Yeast 50 Billion Cells
  Copper* 5,000mg   Methionine 5,000mg
  Sulphur 5,000mg   Feed Flavor 2,000mg
  Cobalt 325mg   Anti-Oxidant 2,000mg

          * Chelated Bioplex Minerals


   •  Replenishment of mineral reserves depleted during pregnancy and peak milk production in dairy cattle.

   •  Supplementation of macro & micro-elements for high milk production and reproductive performance in dairy cattle.

   •  Prevention of problems caused by deficiencies of essential minerals e.g. milk fever, retained placenta, poor reproductive performance etc in high-

      yielding dairy cows.

   •  Formulated with the best sources of elements and vitamins to achieve the maximum bio-availability of the respective nutrients.

   •  Milk production, lactation persistency, heat detection & conception rates improve due to the Dairy Fertility Pak in the formulation.

   •  Helps to fully tap the dairy cow’s genetic potential for reproduction & milk production.

   •  Stabilizes rumen pH and highly enhances feed utilization in the rumen leading to higher energy levels and protein supply for the cow.

   •  Improves taste and palatability of animal feeds.

   •  Helps establish adequate tissue reserves of minerals, to support and achieve better reproductive function in high yielding dairy animals.


Mix with commercial dairy meal before providing to the dairy cows. Do not offer as a free lick to the animals.

Usage Rates (use the accompanying (30g) measure.)

60gm (2 measures) of Super Vitaphos ULTIMAX daily for a cow producing 20 litres of milk per day. For milk production above 20 litres, add as per the table below.

Daily milk production     Quantity to mix with dairy meal
Morning Evening Total
20 Lts 30gm 30gm 60gm
20 - 40 Lts 45gm 45gm 90gm
40 - 60 Lts 60gm 60gm 120gm
Above 60 Lts 75gm 75gm 150gm
1 level-filled measure = 30gm of Super Vitaphos ULTIMAX




Carton Packs:

  • 6 x 2kg

Loose Packs:

  • 2kg jar